Webcomic I Like: My Cardboard Life

So periodically, I will mention a webcomic here that I read and enjoy. I still don't read a lot of webcomics, but I am starting to try more of them and want to increase my general knowledge of them over the course of the next year.

Today's entry is My Cardboard Life, a delightful little joke strip that posts roughly 3 times a week. Written and drawn by Philippa Rice, the comic is actually constructed by using paper cutouts, which gives it a distinctive look.

It also leads to many of the gags, such describing what's in a paper cake by literally listing the types of paper, pens, and paint used to make it. Or threatening the main character, Colin, with scissors.

The comic definitely uses the format of a "traditional" newspaper strip to its advantage, often using a small space to tell a quick pun or visual gag. However, some strips are longer, extending out the joke or giving the reader a nice visual to follow.

Rice notes that My Cardboard Life takes between half an hour and a few hours, depending, and each strip is original art. The quality of the work shows.

To see if you like the strip, you can click on the random button and be amused by comics from various dates. If you like quick, short, humourous comics, I think you'll dig this one. I'd also recommend it for fans of stop-motion type animation, as it definitely reminds me of a claymation placed on a printed page. Give My Cardboard Life a shot--if you don't like it, you can even place it in the recyling bin!*

*Okay, not really. But I thought it was funny.