Subterranean #-1

Written and Illustrated by Andrew Greenstone, Sean Knickerbocker, and Alexander Bullett

The final half-size mini comic anthology warm up to the larger format returns to its roots, as Greenstone, Knickerbocker, and Bullett tell four stories that, well, have nothing to do with each other!

Greenstone's inspired and demented characters continue to march all over the page, this time with a protagonist who hates not Yetis but nature itself. There's only one creature who can stop him: Smokey the Bear! Look for the epic smackdown and some great anti-enviorment jokes in this nifty opening to the last small collection.

"Wake", Sean Knickerbocker's contribution, is a very nicely drawn piece about having a spirit animal. While the story itself seems to cut short, the visuals pull this wordless story through very well.

Alexander Bullett either has a furry for a friend or likes to draw a pal named "Jeremy" as an aminal, because our space adventurers from #-3 are back again, this time going to Jeremy's father for money. There's only one problem: He eats people. This leads to a rather funny costuming job, and an interesting revelation as to the culinary tastes of our cartoonist's avatar.

Bullett also has a short about wresting, but after the fun of the prior story, it was hard to compare. (I'd have probably reversed the order accordingly.) I did like the masks serving as a border to the piece, that was a nice touch.

This concludes the mini-comic version of Subterranean, most (all?) of which are no longer available, so you'll just have to borrow them from someone if you're curious. They were an interesting idea before going to a full-fledged (and more expensive) project, and I am glad to have copies. Especially copies with talking killer lions.

I can't find a good website for the Subterranean folks, but their blog is here. It hasn't been updated in quite a while, though.