Antique Bakery Volume 2

Written by Fumi Yoshimaga
Illustrated by Fumi Yoshimaga

It's rather refreshing, though admittedly for an American a bit unusual to see, that the slutty protagonist is a gay man. That's probably what keeps me attracted to Antique Bakery, the story of three (now four) men running a bakery that's quite popular.

The story itself is appropriately sugary, as the characters pretend not to be nice to each other, and our amorous baker tries not to sleep with every man he sees. A lot of this volume is spent watching him try to control himself, as he starts to fall for the bodyguard of his boss. Meanwhile, the boss, who's really been rather mean, starts to show his human side as we learn more of his past. In fact, part of that past may be returning, though that's for another volume.

Antique Bakery is cute fun, and scenes like the boss trying to play Santa Claus without much success while his inept bodyguard tries to fill in at the bakery is part of that cute fun. But do be sure to check your blood sugar after reading.