Suggestion Box

Written by Katie Omberg
Illustrated by Katie Omberg
Self-Published (Fancy Graphics)

[So I did a terrible job of getting all 4 reviews up on the same day, but that's why I'm in the minor-minor leagues of comic blogs. Until I can hit the curveball, I can't get a September call-up. Here's the rest of those promised Omberg reviews.]

Suggestion Box is in the wheelhouse of mini-comic/zine work, the story of your job and the really awful people you end up meeting along the way. In Omberg's case, she finally quit at a frame store when the employees changed and the soccer moms got too annoying.

The bulk of the narrative deals with a jewish lady who is absolutely in love with her art work and also with the sound of her own voice. Our poor cartooning protagonist must listen to silly explanations of amateur art, a "9-11" story, and more as the lady goes on and on, oblivious to her audience.

Omberg's art style is much more refined here, as she works on making the characters look different, spends a two-page spread showing how a painting is bound (which I thought was a pretty neat touch), and uses good page layout to keep the reader's eye interested.

Personal story comics are not for everyone, but if you like them (and I do), give this one a read if you can find it. Omberg tells a brief story in a funny, concise manner--exactly what a mini-comic should do.