Flight Volume 1

Written by Various Authors
Illustrated by Various Artists
Villard (Random House)

A collection of short stories by a set of primarily web authors who got together and pitched a print anthology, the first of a series.

The quality of the stories is very high and ranges from tales of friendly animals to more manga-like real life stories to a few fantasy pieces, all loosely based around the idea of flight.

There are even a few experimental works, though I think those don't translate as well to the comic book panel as they may have on a computer screen.

My favorite of the collection is The Maiden and the River Spirit by Derek Kirk Kim, a delightful short fable. However, I don't think there was any story I did not like, which is quite rare for a collection such as this.

The only problem with Flight, at least for me, is that some of the stories in this volume feel incomplete. It's not that they feel excerpted from a longer work so much as they seem to end too abruptly, as if page count cut them off.

That takes away from the reading experience a bit, but if that's the worst thing you can say about an anthology, it's doing something right. There are plenty of good writers and artists in Flight, and I definitely recommend it!