Nextwave Agents of Hate Volume 1

Written by Warren Ellis
Illustrated by Stuart Immonen

Wow. I bet Marvel was rethinking this about the time issue two hit the stands.

Picture a set of five loser superheroes (the female Captain Marvel, Machine Man, Boom Boom, the daughter of one of the loser vampire hunters, and a "Captain" that I don't think we've seen before) who realize they're being played. Next thing you know they're out killing off terrorist stuff and trying to avoid capture by their former bosses.

Now, that's not really all that unusual for Marvel right there. Might even call it "Newer Avengers" or something. But then you add Warren Ellis into the mix and it all turns into a surreal laughfest full of "I can't believe they let him do that" moments such as Fin Fang Foom trying to put Boom Boom in his pants.

I won't spoil any of the other moments, but suffice it to say he's got a very interesting take on Aaron Stack--including a laugh-out-loud scene with the Celestials--and Monica never lets anyone forget she used to run the Avengers.

The romping is all over, as they face Broccoli/Dr. Doom hybrids, corrupt cops, and well, I won't spoil the ending but let's just say by this point Ellis is clearly just trying to see how far he can take the concept before Quesada says "that's enough."

Filled with editorial asides, cut scenes ala Family Guy, and other little touches, this is a gem of a book reminds me comics still can be fun. There's just fewer of them nowadays.