Sunday Readings 6-21-09

A few things I thought were interesting, here and there...

Blog of the Week: Rick Veitch is probably best known for being an Alan Moore collaborator, but he's done quite a few other good comics in his own right. His website frequently features snapshots of his artwork from all over his career, whether it's a current commission, a page from when he was 16, or just a doodle from a notebook. He'll also let you know when he's got something going on in the comics world, but one of the things I like best is that Rick has a blog to share things, not just to hawk stuff. Have a look!

Chris Sims helps Comics Alliance celebrate Captain America "600" with a nod to Cap's most memorable moments.

My wife's main man, Jeffrey Brown, is going to be doing a Simpsons story!! Can a Marvel gig be far behind? I certainly hope not!

Lastly, Bully wants us to get musical with Wolverine. I bet his favorite Beatle is Ringo.