Sunday Readings 6-14-09

[Sorry updates have been a bit scarce. I've had a lot going on and was also out of the state for a bit. Should be back to normal starting tonight.]

Here's a few things I read, here and there, that I wanted to share...

Blog of the Week: Comics Should Good (because hey, I already did Comics Worth Reading!) is one of several blogs at Comic Book Resources that I read on a regular basis. It's a smattering of daily features (right now, it's Artists pick Artists), commentary on comics news, reviews of current comics, daily excerpts from critical moments in Brian's favorite comics, and my personal favorite, "Comic Book Legends Revealed", where primary writer Brian Cronin digs into some of the mysteries surrounding the comic book world. Blatant plug, since I like his blog--you can get a collection of these columns now in book form. It's a high-content blog, so be warned, but the quality doesn't suffer a bit. Well worth checking out!

Remember the Mr. Men and Little Miss series? So does this person.

Bully finds no less than 29 homages to Fantastic Four #1.

Comics Alliance looks at the less-than-stellar moments of MODOK.

I love George Herriman. So does Hobotopia.

Lastly, I love Rob Liefield gives three thoughts on the comics business. I don't particularly agree on any of these points, but I found them to be interesting enough to share and maybe start some discussion.