Trebro Tees Off: Black Sun, Silver Moon Volume 1

Written by Tomo Maeda
Illustrated by Tomo Maeda
Go Comics

[Another in my periodic adventures in saying I thought something was really bad.]

I have absolutely no idea why this one is so popular at the library. Perhaps its because it involved zombies, but once you start reading it, that really doesn't make it worth the wait on the hold list. A young man goes to work for a sadistic priest who fights zombies at night. We wonder (well, I didn't) why he's so cruel until we learn the not-really-a-surprise-surprise about the priest and suddenly that changes everything.

The drawing is manga standard, as is the plot--two young men who may or may not have a romantic attraction get thrown into a situation and alternate between hating each other and angsting for either each other or themselves.

I was bored by the halfway point and only finished to be able to do the review. I will not be bothering to read Volume 2. You can save time by not bothering to read Volume 1