Graphic Classics H.P. Lovecraft

Adapted by Various Writers
Illustrated by Various Artists, including Rick Geary and Richard Corben
Eureka Productions (Graphic Classics)

A collection of stories relating to or written originally by H.P. Lovecraft, with the star of the show being the 5-artist adaptation of "Reanimator. It's a tour-de-force of brief retelling and probably makes it worthwhile to pick this one up for that alone.

I'll be honest, the rest was rather so-so for me at least, since I am not as schooled in Lovecraft as many of my friends. For me, this was not as satisfying as the volumes I've read on Twain, Poe, and Doyle. If you are as interested in Lovecraft as I am in, say, Howard, then you may like this a bit better overall than I did.

There is one other story I'll call out, the epic poem "Fungi from Yuggoth," which is illustrated by a plethora of artists. It's a great way to end the book, and I just wish the middle parts had been a bit better so I could give this a stronger recommendation. Depending on your feelings about the source material, this is either worth the read or okay to skip.

Just don't tell C'thulhu I said that, ok?