New Horror Film Kickstarter "Room Service" from comics creators James Tynion IV, PK Colinet, and Elsa Charretier

Comics creators James Tynion, Elsa Charretier, and PK Colinet are launching a Kickstarter to create a short horror film called "Room Service". The project launched today and has already raised over $35,000 of its $53,000 goal. The project contains a number of rewards and tiers that will appeal to both comic and film fans.

The draw for me is the creative team. Tynion is a terrific writer who has a great sense of what is scary in the current zeitgeist (reviews here and here). And Elsa Charretier is one of my favorite artists in comics now. In addition to being a great artist (reviews here and here), she and PK Colinet (who co-created the wonderful Infinite Loop) have a very popular YouTube channel, and she's got a popular Substack with writer Tom King. I'm excited to see what this team puts together. More info is below.

Eisner Award-Winning Writer James Tynion IV, Director PK Colinet, and Acclaimed Artist Elsa Charretier Bring The Live-Action Horror Film “Room Service” to Kickstarter

The Project Includes Posters by Martin Simmonds and Elsa Charretier, 

a Making-of-Artbook Featuring Storyboards, Prints by Superstar Artists, 

and an Illustrated Prose Story

(October 19, 2022) Three acclaimed comic book creators —  writer James Tynion IV, director PK Colinet, and artist Elsa Charretier are collaborating to make something truly unexpected: a dark, strange, and provocative live-action short horror film titled “Room Service,” which they are funding on Kickstarter. Tynion IV, the Eisner award-winning writer of unforgettable and unflinching horror comics like The Nice House on the Lake and Something is Killing the Children, has written the film’s screenplay. Charretier, who has co-created acclaimed comics with the likes of Tom King (Love Everlasting) and Matt Fraction (November), has illustrated the film’s storyboards. Colinet, who has critically acclaimed comics, including Superfreaks and Star Wars: Adventures, and the award-winning comic The Infinite Loop, will direct. Skulldigger artist Tonči Zonjić, who worked as a concept artist on Star Wars, has designed the mask for the mask’s mysterious character known only as the Caretaker. 

The ambitious “Room Service” crowdfunding project includes a beautiful artbook that will document the film’s creation, a poster by artist Martin Simmonds (Tynion’s collaborator on The Department of Truth), a Kickstarter exclusive poster by Charretier, a stand-alone prose short story by Tynion, set in the world of the film, featuring Charretier’s spot illustrations, and prints by five all-star comic book creators: Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire), Cliff Chiang (Paper Girls), Francesco Francavilla (Night of The Ghoul), and Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts), and Charretier. 

“Room Service” asks: what’s the cost of one perfect evening? The wealthy know that there’s no desire outside the reach of their wallet,” said director PK Colinet. “The film’s protagonist is down on his luck and his family is on the verge of ruin. With the help of the mysterious Caretaker, he might have found a way out of his trouble. But at what cost?”

“From ‘Get Out’ to ‘The Invisible Man’ and ‘Parasite,’ this is a tremendously exciting time for people who love horror films with biting social commentary,” said screenwriter James Tynion IV. “When PK and Elsa approached me about collaborating on a short film, I wanted to create a story that would confront the horror and inequity of the world around us.”

“The great thing about comic books is that you don’t need anyone’s permission or money to create one. Take a wad of paper, a pen, and a bunch of hours later, there’s your comic!” said storyboard artist Elsa Charretier. “So why the heck are three successful comic creators pivoting to this cash-eating monster of a medium: movies?! PK was excited to get behind the camera for his directorial debut, James wanted to stretch himself creatively, and for me it was a true honor to capture James' chilling words and PK’s haunting vision in my storyboards. "Room Service” is poetic and gory and it just might break your heart.”

The “Room Service” screenplay is already written and filming will commence if the project is funded. For more information follow James Tynion IV’s Tiny Onion Studios on Twitter and Substack, Follow Elsa Charretier on Twitter, follow Pierrick Colinet on Twitter and subscribe to the Case Studio YouTube Channel.The project can be supported here :