Head to Heroes Con, June 24-26 in Charlotte, NC

HeroesCon is coming up in Charlotte, NC from June 24-26, and if you're in the area or can make it down, I strongly recommend it. I attended in 2016 and 2018, and am looking forward to attending again this year. HeroesCon is probably my favorite large convention I've attended, because more than any other (at least that I've personally experienced), HeroesCon is squarely focused on comics. I know that TV and movie stars are a big draw for many conventions, and I'm happy people enjoy those interactions, but it's never really been of much interest to me. My interests squarely lie with comics, and the people who create them. If you feel the same way, then HeroesCon is a perfect convention for you.  

In addition to a very impressive lineup of comics creators, HeroesCon also typically runs a very strong lineup of panel discussions; in particular I remember attending a strong panel on Hip-Hop and Comics. This year, I'm interested in attending a panel on Comics and Censorship, hearing from Marvel Editors, and more. There's also a Drink & Draw which will raise money for Parkinson's, and the Saturday night art auction, a really fun event which took place at the Westin next door. I'm excited to attend that again this year, though I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to bid on anything!

As far as comics creators, there's going to be a big selection that runs the gamut, from legendary and veteran creators (like Chris Claremont, Louise & Walt Simonson, Don Rosa, Jim Starlin and Jim Steranko), to prominent current writers, artists and writer-artists (Kathryn and Stuart Immonen, Amy Chu, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jonathan Hickman, Sanford Greene, Matt & Sharlene Kindt)  and a huge artists alley. There's also "Indie Island" featuring some great independent comics creators (Kayla E, Andrew Aydin, Michel Fiffe, Matt Lesniewski, Bridgit Connell, Alexis Ziritt, and more). There is also typically a very strong vendor presence. 

HeroesCon is a great show - large enough to attract many interesting comics professionals, and small enough not to be overwhelming. I look forward to seeing you there!