This Looks Cool: Finding Solace in Titan’s The Junction

The Kirby Junction is where people go to grieve ..or a place others go to pass on ..or that pivotal moment between wake & sleep .. or when you want to remember but for fuck sake just can’t. The Junction is here and you all are not ready for it.

This graphic novel, previously self-published and crowdfunded, will be published through Titan this week. Just in time for the impending warm weather, the dark, introspective and sentimental story of grief, loss, pain and acceptance finds its way to bookstores and comic shops. 

Norm Konyu, story writer and illustrator, uses his storyboarding experience and cartooning knowledge to make as impactful of a debut as one could make. This is a small town missing-person mystery where the person is no longer missing, but instead has returned years later without having aged. This is where the story begins and this is where also the mystery emerges. An imaginative and profound presentation brings to life a story that I found incredibly moving.

The Titan solicit says:
THE JUNCTION; when a missing child, Lucas Jones, reappears on his Uncle’s doorstep in his hometown of Medford after an absence of 12 years, the brief moment of joy is clouded by mystery. Where has he been? Where is his father who disappeared at the same time? And how is it possible that Lucas is still 11 years old?

I’m excited for what we may see in the future from Norm. If this book is proof of an untapped creative mind (which it is) then I find it exciting to say that the future of visual storytelling in print format has a very bright future.

The Junction
by Norm Konyu
published by Titan
available NOW

The Junction by Norm Konyu page 43
The Junction by Norm Konyu page 56 
The Junction by Norm Konyu page 81
The Junction by Norm Konyu page 85
The Junction by Norm Konyu page 87