This Looks Cool: Jim Rugg brings the "Grand Design" treatment to the Hulk!

Welcome to a new feature we're trying out here at Panel Patter, "This Looks Cool!" It's a chance for us to highlight an upcoming series we think Panel Patter readers might be interested in checking out and putting on their advanced pull lists.  

I have loved the Marvel "Grand Design" books so far. Ed Piskor did three whole volumes about the X-Men, and Tom Scioli did an amazing volume about the Fantastic Four. Marvel is really working to bring in visionary independent artists to tell the stories of their greatest characters, in a new way. The newest addition to this collection will be Hulk: Grand Design from creator Jim Rugg. I mostly know Rugg from the incredible series of Street Angel comics. Street Angel is Jesse Sanchez, a homeless teen who defeats bullies, solves crimes, and has all sorts of incredible adventures on her skateboard. Rugg is an exceptional story teller and these stories always have a ton of heart in addition to as-kicking action. I think he'll be a great choice to take on the Hulk.

(W) Jim Rugg (A/CA) Jim Rugg

The acclaimed Grand Design franchise continues! Writer/artist Jim Rugg follows in the tradition of Ed Piskor and Tom Scioli by unfurling the full saga of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, from the very beginning to the present! Witness the biggest moments in the Hulk's history through the eyes of a single visionary storyteller!


In Shops: Mar 16, 2022