Check This Out: 2021 Publications from Birdcage Bottom Books Kickstarter

Today we bring attention toward a Kickstarter from Birdcage Bottom Books. It just started last weekend and before the weekend was up it nearly hit the 40% funded mark. Publications from the Birdcage brand are a house favorite among the Panel Patter crew and we are always excited to see their new lineups each year.

Kickstarter link >> 2021 Birdcage Bottom Books

At the beginning of each year the Birdcage crew join forces to bring us top notch comic content and give readers the chance to crowdfund the year’s publications. This year is no different. Here is your chance to find this years titles.

The comics this year from Birdcage include a punk rock anthology, the initial volume of an unlikely superhero, and a handful of mini-comics that’ve come to be what we expect from the folks at Birdcage Bottom Books.

Their publications this year include:

TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology

This punk anthology has a whole host of creators coming together to tell personal stories as told through various perspectives of an aging punk rocker. The underground music scene and the underground comics scene have always had their crossing, and this anthology pays tribute to it. With a top-tier cast of creators I anticipate this being a contender for anthology of the year.

6” x 9”, 260+ pages.
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound.

"Everything Is Super" by Captain Rottsteak

Here is a book for those of us who are hungry for more superhero stories.. but want our superheroes to be.. mis-adventurous. Lloyd the Human Hemorrhoid Herman is one such hero and this collects issues 1-4.

6” x 9”, 120 pages.
Full-color covers and interior. Perfect-bound.

"Comfort Creatures" by Robert H. Stevenson

Haunting, dripping, messy monsters... made from things that we.. love? Sounds intriguing. I must know what this transforms into.

5.5” x 8.5”, 24 pages.
Black cardstock with white ink covers with b+w interior.

"Flop Sweat #2, #3, & #4" by Lance Ward

The ongoing serialization of Lance Ward gains traction this year as 3 more issues of his autobiographical comic series is published by Birdcage Bottom Books. (Issue 1 was printed last year by Birdcage and it is so easy to add that I was able to do it by just a click of a button).

5.5” x 8.5”, 28 pages each issue.
Full-color covers and interior.

Kickstarter link >> 2021 Birdcage Bottom Books

Now. Since this is a Kickstarter. There’s the inevitable (and coveted) reward options. And this Kickstarter has got tons of punk rock rewards to be had. There’s original art from the Too Tough To Die anthology, there’s mock-up show flyer commissions options, there’s punk album cover art recreations, and punk self (or pet) portraits, ska-sona portraits, and even some coveted Lance Ward original artwork from the Flop Sweat series. There’s even a limited-edition comic option from Kyle Bravo.

If you dig indie comics and you’re looking for some new comic loot and rewards then I highly recommend checking out and backing this Kickstarter campaign. Birdcage Bottoms Books comes with a Kickstarter reputation that upholds itself as one to settle in as a repeat customer.

Do as I did and head over to Kickstarter to find the campaign level that best suits you.

(I picked the Yost punk portrait and personally I cannot wait for him to turn me into a train hopping skate punk rocker.)

Kickstarter link >> 2021 Birdcage Bottom Books