This Looks Good: Boom! Shines with Amazing Artist Maria Llovet's Luna in February


Whether it's been the extremely creepy erotic Faithless (with Brian Azarrello) or her own work on books like Heartbeat or Loud. Maria Llovet's work is absolutely stunning. I immediately became a fan as soon as I saw her work on Faithless, and I've been so happy that Boom! and other publishers have been bringing more of her work to your local comic shop or digital device.

On Monday, Boom! announced their latest work from Llovet, called Luna, which is scheduled for February 2021. Here's their description of the story, which is very much in line with Llovet's other creative work:

In this darkly erotic series, an innocent young woman finds herself drawn to a mysterious commune where the search for immortality and the true power of enduring love collide, available in February 2021.

When Teresa fatefully crosses paths with the Family of the Sun, she believes them to be exactly what anyone else in the late ‘60s would expect - a hippie cult whose leader claims to have met the divine. But secret blood rituals, powerful drugs and sex runneth amok will bring Teresa face-to-face with the truth about the Family, herself and the dark secret behind her dreams.

 Llovet drawing a 1960s free-love cult with mystic elements? How will that look you ask? Well, here's the first few pages, courtesy of Boom!:

That's the opening splash. Look at the colors, the framing of the images, the traditional tarot/pagan imagery placed together in a way that that shows just how dangerous things are going to be before you even turn the page. This would make an amazing poster. 

Not convinced? Here's the next two pages:

Again, the coloring, the use of hippie images to frame the figures, the outfits, and especially the way the rainbow waves represent the music--it's amazing layout work, worth lingering on every page.

Here's Llovet herself on the series:

LUNA is a lysergic story about love and destiny, but also betrayal, lies, and the lengths to which we would go in order to protect the ones we love.” said Llovet. “This is the first story I’ve ever written for the monthly comic book format, and I’m very excited to share it with readers everywhere.”

I'm not shy about raving when I find a new creator whose work I love. Maria Llovet is a superstar in the making and I can't wait for Luna to show up in a few more months. If you're the pre-ordering type, get this one on your pull list now. You won't regret it. And while you're waiting, pick up her other published comics, too. The style above is in full force there, too. You'll soon see why she's a creator to watch--books like Luna and Heartbeat are just the beginning.