This Looks Cool: Mike Mignola's Quarantine Sketchbook

Here at Panel Patter, we don't do a lot of PR-based posts, but this is just too good not to get on everyone's radar. As announced last week, some of the sketches we've been seeing on Mike Mignola's Twitter account @artofmmignola  are getting collected by his long-time publisher, Dark Horse Comics, in March of 2021 (which should time with ECCC, should there be an in-person convention next year).

The book is set to be an oversized hardcover, and all profits will go to World Central Kitchen, a charity suggested by Mike's wife, Christine. The Kitchen says they served over 25 Million fresh meals in the USA and Spain during the pandemic, with the money from Mike's sketch auctions helping to fuel some of that number.

If you're already on Twitter, you've likely seen some of these. According to the press release copy below, here's some of what to expect:

MIKE MIGNOLA: THE QUARANTINE SKETCHBOOK features Mignola’s eclectic and unexpected interpretations of pop culture characters including:

● Batman
● Dracula
● The General Mills Cereal Monsters (Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry)
● HR Puffnstuff
● Masters of the Universe characters (including He-Man and Skeletor)
● Punch and Judy
● The Tin Man

MIKE MIGNOLA: THE QUARANTINE SKETCHBOOK goes on sale in comic book shops on March 3, 2021 and in bookstores on March 16, 2021.
This is a little pricier than I usually go for a sketchbook (Amazon currently lists it at $39.99) but it's well worth it for one of the best artists working today showing off his skills drawing characters he's revisiting, like Batman or Dracula, and some really interesting choices like the Cereal Monsters. He'd also shared Pokemon creations, but I don't know if those made it into the book or note.

If you like art books, make sure this is on your radar for early 2020. I know I am!