Sunday Reads— September 8th, 2019


Art by Spain (via Tom Spurgeon’s Twitter feed)

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*** Leave A Beautiful Corpse— thoughts on Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillen and Matthew Wilson’s The Wicked + The Divine #45 (link: via Scott Cederlund at Panel Patter


From “Dracula, Starring Mickey Mouse”, art by Fabio Celoni

*** Hell is Other People: Superheroes, Outsiders, and Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan (link: via Jesse Berberich at Sequart Research & Literacy Organization

*** The Materiality of Comics in the Post-Digital Age: Kim Jooha examines CF’s Receipt Paper Comics and Selected Works by Ginette Lapalme (link: via Kim Jooha at Your Chicken Enemy

*** What Is Left (link: via Rob Clough at The Comics Journal

*** Review: THE NAO OF BROWN by Glyn Dillon (link: via Henry Chamberlain at

*** Review: ‘Dracula, Starring Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Frankenstein, Starring Donald Duck’ (link: via J. Caleb Mozzocco at Good Comics for Kids

*** The Only Time I’ve Wished John Allison Were American (link: via Gary Tyrrell at Fleen

*** Revisitor: The Comfort Food Glory of Hellboy’s “Pancakes” (link: via David Harper at SKTCHD

*** Tears Of A Clown: Rob Clough reviews RAT TIME by Keiler Roberts (link: via Daniel Elkin at Your ChickenEnemy

*** Alien 3: The Unproduced Screenplay (link: via Sean Witzke at The Comics Journal

*** Kiosk – Owen D. Pomery’s Field Guide to the Modernist Kiosks of Jantia Free State (1954-1971) Has Hidden Narrative Depths (link: via Any Oliver at Broken Frontier


*** “I Think A Character Doesn’t Have To Be A Person, Or Even Anything That’s Alive” : The Four Color Apocalypse Interview With George Wylesol (link: via Ryan C. (trashfilmguru) at Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

*** CR Sunday Interview: Bruce Worden (link: via at CR Briefings

*** Found in Translation: An Interview with Jennifer McKeon (link: via Tia Kalla at WWAC

*** The Wicked + The Divine: a story obsessed with endings reaches its own (link: via at Polygon


*** Small Press Comics Critics Announce Formation Of Nonprofit Publishing House Fieldmouse Press (link: via Posted by at

*** Variety Announces First 10 Storytellers to Watch Event; Patti Smith to Receive Special Honor (link: via Dano Nissen at Variety

This and That

“are you listening?” by Tillie Walden— one of the Beat’s and our
most anticipated books of the fall

*** 41 highly-anticipated graphic novels for fall 2019 (link: via at The Beat

*** Making Comics: The ever-evolving Marvel Style of Storytelling (link: via Matt O'Keefe at The Beat — The News Blog of Comics Culture

*** The Legacy of SPAWN (link: via Daniel Gehen at Comics Bulletin

*** I Am Reminded Of The AV Club At This Time (link: via Gary Tyrrell at Fleen: The Awkward Christmas Dinner Of Our Obligation To Existence

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