Sunday Reads- July 7, 2019


Mad Magazine #547 (Cover by Mark Fredrickson)

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Little Bird #4 cover art (by Ian Bertram)
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*** Opinion | The Dominance of the White Male Critic (link: via Elizabeth Mendez Berry And Chi-hui-Yang at The New York Times


Clue #2 (by Dash Shaw)

*** Yuri Anthology: Whenever Our Eyes Meet… (English) (link: via Erika Friedman at Okazu

*** Seven Stories #3 – Third Issue of O Panda Gordo’s Anthology Series Features Glasgow-Based Artists Including João Sobral, Jules Scheele, Suds McKenna and Jessica Taylor (link: via Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier

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*** Messages from Midgard #13- The Four Thors - Graphic Policy (link: via Logan Dalton at Graphic Policy

*** Comics Review: CLUE: CANDLESTICK (link: via Henry Chamberlain at Comics Grinder

*** House to Astonish » X-Men: Grand Design – X-Tinction (link: via Paul O’Brien at House to Astonish

*** The World’s Most Way Past Cool Sci-fi Melodrama!: Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog - The MNT (link: viaNoah Washburn at The MNT

*** Mera Tidebreaker (link: via Mark Richardson at No Flying No Tights

*** The Empty Mirror (link: via Tegan O'Neil at The Comics Journal

*** Plaza (link: via Matt Seneca at The Comics Journal

*** “All-Time Comics : Zerosis Deathscape” #1 : I Love It When A Plan Comes Together (link: via Ryan C. (trashfilmguru) at Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

*** MINT CONDITION: The Incal (1980) (link: via Louie Hlad at The Beat — The News Blog of Comics Culture

*** Minis: Jessica Campbell's Chicago Works (link: via Rob Clough at High-Low

*** Review: Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe (link: via Alex Hoffman at Sequential State

*** Best Shots Review: THE WALKING DEAD #193 'a Heartfelt Capstone on an Incomparable Achievement' (10/10) (link: via By Justin Partridge at Newsarama

*** Opinion | The Dominance of the White Male Critic (link: via at The New York Times


From Criminal: Bad Weekend (art by Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips)
*** Hardboiled Superstars Ed Brubaker & Megan Abbott Discuss Comic Conventions, Criminals & Hollywood (link: via Steve Foxe at

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*** Lakeview’s Chicago Comics Damaged After 20 People Stormed In After Pride To Pepper Spray Woman, Throw Things At Her (link: via Kelly Bauer at Block Club Chicago

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*** MAD Magazine to Cease Publication (link: via Russ Burlingame at

*** Details Surface About Plans for MAD Magazine's Future (link: via Russ Burlingame at

*** MAD MAGAZINE is ending as we know it… and it’s a truly tragic end of an era (link: via Edward Douglas at The Beat

*** The complete Mad Magazine sales history, 1960-present: Over 2 million copies per issue in 1974 (link: via John Jackson Miller at Comichron

*** Katsuhiro Otomo announces his new movie ORBITAL ERA at Anime Expo (link: via Josh Hilgenberg at The Beat

*** SIMPSONS Creator MATT GROENING Launches New Comic Company (link: via Chris Arrant at Newsarama


*** As Pride Month comes to a close, it’s time I spoke candidly about my experience at Marvel Comics. (link: via Sina Grace at SINA GRACE

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*** “Good time to rework an old #protip thread: Some advice for showing your comics portfolio at conventions. First thing: Lots of people today build great careers without ever showing a portfolio or being published by anyone else.” (link: via Steve Lieber at Twitter

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