Quick Hit: Canto #1 -- A Stellar Debut

Canto #1
Written by David M. Booher
Art by Drew Zucker
Colors by Vittorio Astone
Letters by Deron Bennett
Published by IDW

A certain comic situated itself as noteworthy this week when it stood out to me above all the rest. It actually came with some surprise being that it was obviously not housed in my wheelhouse of comfort food when I dish comic-talk weekly each Wednesday. Admittedly, I'm fairly predictable when it comes to preferred genres. This is especially true with comics, and with Canto I may be experiencing my own personal AH-HA moment as attention for something new or noteworthy avoids those of which I thought it would have otherwise been (refer to the return of The Weatherman, or the second volume of Wasted Space, or Ascender, or the continued saga of Punk's Not Dead, or that strange but compelling Avery Hill book Marble Cake, or... the list really is endless, folks. For crying out loud -- go buy comics!).

Canto #1, pg 1
Canto is a story about a tribe of robots who have been forced into a life of enslavement for generations while their hearts have been systematically replaced with clocks before the meaning of having a heart is ever known. Canto is the lead character in the story; he is a robot and he is the only one brave enough to have a name, or to have a voice. When the slavers in the story damage the clock of a female robot beyond all conceivable repair, Canto is given chance to become the story's hero. It is here where his likability shines through with vulnerabilities not often characterized in stories filled with robots as a lead. He must save that tin girl's life. He must do so by finding a way to track down and find and bring back the heart that was once removed of her.

Canto #1, pg 2
David Booher, author and co-creator of Canto, does a fantastic job hooking the reader into this all ages story of love, loss, and heroism. The narrative style here is immediately paced in this impressive first issue and it had me immediately invested and eager to see where it will go in this five issue miniseries. Adding to the well told narrative of the story are the life-like illustrations from Drew Zucker. The panels come to life as the characters are drawn as expected it would in a fantasy story filled with monsters and talking robots. The action sequences are stylized and impressive while the vast backgrounds are given adequate attention as every piece of linework is made with exceptional detail. I am looking forward to reading the next issue and I hope this story catches other readers as it did me, because it is well deserved. This is the adventure fantasy love story that I did not know I needed but I am without a doubt here for. Will Canto be able to locate the other robot's heart before the end? Or will it be something other than what time replaced that he finds? This is a fun start to a magical story and it couldn't come with a bigger recommend.

Canto #1, pg 3

Canto #1, pg 4

Canto #1, pg 5