Review: Wasted Space 6 | The Boys & Bots Are Back...

Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Hayden Sherman
Colors by Jason Wordie
Lettering by Jim Campbell

The space saga is back folks, and it couldn't have returned with more appropriate timing. Just when real life continues to get more and more convoluted and frustrating, Moreci and company return to illustrate commentary on a version of our path toward a science fiction monstrosity. We previously left our team of Wasted Space protagonists, led by Billy Bane the distraught ex-voice of The Creator, having just uncovered meaning to the Alpha and Omega as they came face to face with Legion, the deity craving destruction of The Creator. It was a wild ending to an already wicked good time.

I was an easy sell on this book when it was first announced. My ability to zero in on Hayden Sherman illustrations has been none to be reckoned with ever sense his stroke of gritty wit graced the pages of Sean Lewis' The Few a couple years back. Wasted Space is Sherman's first book with Vault Comics, and me being new to the crowd exposed to that heady comic publication, I was soon to be added as self-proclaimed street team member talking up its comics to anyone who would listen. Sherman's sketchy lines and creative character design bring the largest of story's to life, and that is exactly what is done here with Michael Moreci's Wasted Space. A story so large, yet so detailed with clever dialogue, that it gives our cast of characters plenty of room to explore and tell the story being told.

Writer Michael Moreci has put together one hell of a clever story as he comments on modern culture in a subtle, and often crude stylistic approach. It is a story of religion. It is a story of conformity. It is a story of political power and those with which that have it as they manipulate the space around them. Moreci is posing questions that challenge blind faith and structured politics in such ways that are designed for good but result in nothing more than ill-intended suppression. On a macro level this comic is a space story very much in vein with what a more authentic take of the original Star Wars would feel like if told today (fight me, nerds). On a micro level this is a study of who God is and why. Wasted Space issues 1 through 5 gave us introduction to the characters and what purpose they serve. We found certain empathic purpose for Billy Bane, a fraud-prophet turned space junkie, whose every trans-galactic purchase is funded by Dust, his *clears throat* Fuq-Bot sidekick who's profession is literally to whore himself out for nothing short of a modest profit. Yes, this is the Han Solo and Chewbacca we always knew we deserved but never thought we wanted.

Wasted Space #6 page 6. Published by Vault.

This next week Wasted Space is back! It is back with a solid punch to the crotch and a nod to the enlightened. The Legion led deity resistance to The Creator heats up and suggests we are in for a solidly introspective look at the purposes of freewill in respect to good versus evil. After reading issue 6 it becomes more apparent that we are in the midst of a larger, and denser read. It suddenly is paced perfectly as any ongoing comic should. With this being the first issue written since it was announced to be Vault's first ongoing series there is no surprise that it comes to read in this way. New characters emerge as familiar ones embark on the journey set forth suggested on the final page of issue 5. No disappointment is had with the progression of plot, but what comes as the surprise is the addition of added and deepened themes that were otherwise only hinted at prior to this issue. The first volume read as a safe offering of these ideas and now, knowing the commitment to longevity, the pacing feels more intentional and relaxed. All set forth by it's creative team telling this mini space epic. Each interaction packs well thought out purpose and I'm in it to the end.

Wasted Space #6 page 1 Published by Vault.

I have a lot of respect for this book, and my hope is that Wasted Space gets the exposure it deserves; with more issues like this one I am sure that it will. It seems that it may be on the heels of larger successes unlike any other Vault book thus far. Judging by the several copies of Volume 1 at my local Barnes & Noble I'd assume this were to be true, because we all know that those shelves are typically reserved for trades of the Big 2 (Marvel or DC) and Image. That being said, this is a fun read and I'll be damned if I don't help promote the hell out of it. The sixth issue of Wasted Space gets a strong 9/10 from me. It wastes no time in jumping back into the story all while adding new pieces to the puzzle. I'm excited to see where this comic takes us.

Moreci & Sherman & Co., you've managed to make it to my pull list. Who am I but just another fan with enough disposable income to spare for a few comics monthly?
Here, take my money.. cheers!

- @argyleeater