SPX Spotlight 2018: Shing Yin Khor

Wanna know who to see at SPX? We've got you covered! Our SPX Spotlights will give you insight on some of the best creators at one of the best shows. You can read all our SPX Spotlights from 2018 and prior shows here.

Shing at SDCC 2018
Anyone who gets excited when you share Paul Bunyan statue stories is a cool person in my book, and that only scratches the surface of the cool things that Ignantz-nominated creator and Panel Pal Shing Yin Khor comes up with. Both a visual artist as well as a comic creator, Shing has done everything from art installations (most recently at Portland's XOXO festival) to work for The Nib to her really amazing short comics, one of which was on my list of favorites for 2017.

More recently, Shing has started "Space Gnome Mercantile," a trading program that I joined at San Diego Comic-Con. You can become a member at SPX by bringing Shing any of the following:

1. A good rock. 
2. A handwritten translation of this Whitman line, “every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you” in any language(real, dead, fictional). 
3. An origami paper crane, your deepest fear written inside it.
4. A pair of green socks.

What I really dig about Shing's work is how she brings both the personal and the ordinary to life in her comics. Whether it's "Shop Class," a zine about cordless drills, or the incredible sharing found in "Small Stories," Shing talks about what's real to her or to the characters in her story. She's not afraid to talk details that other creators might overlook.

She's also just a really cool artist. I mean, who else can make me interested in power tools, damn it?

My father would love Shing. Maybe some day, I'll get to do an introduction.

As I mentioned above, Shing's work has been nominated for an Ignatz award this year for her story "Say It with Noodles," which she'll have available in print format at the show.

Look at those amazing, small panels, with a strong border that allows each one their own space.

In addition to the comics above, she'll have a print version of Desert Walk, a "tiny zine" called Reliquary, a collection of illustrations called Beastiary, and of course, postcards, prints, and pins.

And if you get to Shing fast enough, she has a little surprise for you if you ask for "that giant lumberjack dick" --and no, I'm not telling you what you'll receive!

In addition to being a great creator, Shing is also a cool person who is very willing to share of herself and engage in conversation. I'm very happy to consider her a friend, above and beyond her cool comics and other nifty stuff. Go see her at SPX!

Can't make the show? Shing's website here.