Rose City Roll Call: Oni Press Celebrates 20 Years of Comics

It's hard to believe that Oni Press is 20 years old. It seems like only yesterday they were putting out things like Scott Pilgrim (originally started in 2004), Queen and Country (started in--2001!), or even Sixth Gun (started in 2010). Oni is one of those publishers I've been reading since I started getting into comics that weren't Marvel or DC, from Scott Morse's Soulwind to one of my most recent favorites from the publisher, Kim Reaper by Sarah Grayley. Oni is the home of Rick and Morty comics and now the brand-new Dream Daddy spin-offs. They can do everything from horror to romance, and pride themselves on publishing in a wide range of genres.

All year long, Oni has been celebrating turning 20. With Rose City Comic Con, Oni puts a bow on their present to readers, even as they promise more great things to come.

To kick off the celebrations in their home town, Oni is throwing a party! Here's the details they provided:
We'll be at the McMenamins Mission Theater on Friday, Sept. 7th at 8pm, dancing along with DJs Strange Babes, and running our made-to-order Oni Press t-shirt silkscreen station, featuring four unique Oni logos that you can only grab at the party! Capacity is limited, 21+ (sorry, kids)! 
I've been to an Oni Party before, and I can tell you they're a lot of fun! I'm hoping I can make this one, depending on my schedule this weekend.

At the show itself, Oni has the following panels, again copying from Oni's info:
RCCC 2018 Panels!
Day: Friday, 9/7 Time: 2pm Location: Room 4 
Stories From The Long ConJoin local creators of The Long Con and friends in an epic storytelling event, sharing their personal adventures at comic cons across the globe. (Dylan Meconis, Ben Coleman, Yehudi Mercado, guests)
Day: Saturday, 9/8 Time: 12pm Location: Room 4
Oni’s 20th Anniversary: Three Oni creators, twenty questions. Learn the inside jokes and secrets in a “This is Your Life” style game show, featuring Oni’s 20 year history. Moderated by Oni Press Publisher, James Lucas Jones. (Paul Tobin, Cat Farris, Steve Lieber)
Day: Saturday, 9/8 Time: 4pm Location: Room 4
How-to of Writing Licensed Properties: Some people grow up wanting to be their favorite characters, and some actually get the chance! Learn comics creators' approaches to writing and drawing licensed properties to maintain their integrity, while stretching the boundaries of your favorite characters and their worlds. (Sarah Gaydos, Amy Chu, Paul Tobin, Ron Chan)
Day: Sunday, 9/9 Time: 11am Location: Room 4
Monster Battle Time KO!: Three artists go head-to-head in the biggest Monster Battle Time of the season! Join creators Vinny Navarrete, Cat Farris, and Matthew Seely, who will battle over sketch pads to create the best monster in comics. All ages welcome!
Day: Sunday, 9/9 Time: 2pm Location: Room 4
Kids Making Comics: Kids are the touchstone for the longevity of comics community, from reluctant readers, library audience, and English Language Learning. Sit down with Oni Press’s Sarah Gaydos and friends to learn the why and how-to for kids to create their very own comics. (Sarah Gaydos, Robin Herrera, Tadd Galusha, Molly Muldoon, Yehudi Mercado)
Oni also has some cool merch, including an amazing bandanna by Panel Pal Robert Wilson IV that I want, even though I have zero use for one. There's also a Kate Stone hat and a Judd Winick tote bag:

Robert Wilson IV's awesome bandanna
Because Portland has so many creators, Oni can always count on a great lineup for the show. People attending who have Oni books in their history include:
The Long Con—Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman, Heartthrob—Christopher Sebela, Booger Beard—Vinny Navarrete, My Boyfriend is a Bear—Cat Farris, Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom—Terry Blas, Molly Muldoon, and Matthew Seely, Made Men—Paul Tobin, Whiteout—Greg Rucka and
Steve Lieber, Redline, Volume 1—Kelly Fitzpatrick
Rick and Morty—Kyle Starks, Josh Trujillo, and Sarah Stern, Sci-Fu—Yehudi Mercado, Kaijumax—Zander Cannon, Invader ZIM—Aaron Alexovich, Junior Braves of the Apocalypse—Greg Smith and Michael Tanner
And of course, Oni also has some con exclusives at their booth, which is #911. If I didn't already own them, I'd consider this group of new Scott Pilgrim editions, featuring the Evil Exes:

There's also a ton of Rick and Morty pins and covers, which is great for fans of the cartoon and comics, but I don't quite get the significance.

No matter what genre of comic storytelling you're interested in, Oni has a comic for you. Sci-fi politics? Letter 44 will do the trick. Need a dash of sexual nonfiction? They've got the print editions of Oh Joy Sex Toy. Wanna see Godzilla analogs in prison? Here's Kaijumax for you. Oni is extremely versatile, which is part of why I enjoy their comics. Go see them at booth 911 when you're at Rose City this weekend. You'll be glad you did.