Panel Patter Opens the Vault

It's a very special week here at Panel Patter, as we open up the site to a week of features on one of our favorite new publishers, Vault Comics.

Founded in 2016, Vault is a family-run small publisher whose production values are some of the best I've ever seen in all of comics. Their single issues are simply gorgeous, from the stunning covers by the likes of Jen Bartel and Tess Fowler to the descriptions of each comic on the back of every issue to the vibrant colors and solid paper stock, a Vault comic is a little work of sci fi or fantasy art in your hands.

The Panel Patter team really digs Vault's comics, and so when we started talking about who was going to review which books, we ended up deciding to make it a free for all, allowing each of us to provide our own perspective on their comics, whether it's their upcoming debut issues like Frendo, solid series such as Wasted Space (written by Panel Pal Mike Moreci), or the already-optioned Heathen.

It also helps that Vault's leadership team (Adrian and Damian Wassel, along with Nathan Gooden and Damian Wassel, Sr.) are a really nice group of people, as you'll see from the interview that's up on the site later today. These are the kinds of people you want to see succeed in comics, and at least among our circle of comics readers and friends, they're off to a great start.

Vault describes their comics as follows:
Vault publishes original, creator-owned science fiction and fantasy comics. Creating science fiction and fantasy is, essentially, about imagining and experiencing the new, the bizarre, the unimagined. In the realm of science fiction and fantasy, creators can break the established order, dissolve conceptions of social identity, and give voices to the silenced. They can ask hard questions, and if they are brave, venture bold answers. Inside the Vault, it's safe to be different.
You may already be familiar with Vault, but if you aren't, we hope that this week's features will give you a solid introduction to their work. If you're a fan of either fantasy or sci fi comics, you'll find a lot to like in their line. Enjoy!