Punk Powers New Creator Collective, Circle Pit Press

One of the things that's pretty cool to me is when creators get together to form a collective. It's even more intriguing when they refer to themselves as being punk, too--a term I tend to think of as hewing close to my time in zines and reflective of work like Silver Sprocket. So when I saw Circle Pit Press pop up on Twitter, I definitely wanted to check it out when I had a moment.

The name itself is a bit misleading, as it's not a publisher so much as a label that the creators can use when they are working on self-published projects. From the press release:
The primary purpose of Circle Pit Press will be for the mutual elevation of CPP creators’ projects, regardless of publisher. While Circle Pit Press is not a traditional publisher, creators involved can choose to publish under the CPP banner and original Circle Pit Press comics are in production now.
 Fulfilling a burning need to work with like-minded people who would rather elevate their friends than step on their peers to get ahead, a group of comic creators springing from the world of punk rock and heavy metal have formed Circle Pit Press, a DIY comic book creator collective.
Here's a rundown on the current creatives involved, also from the press release:
The initial slate of creators includes Matt Miner (GWAR: Orgasmageddon, Poser, Liberator), Kelly Williams (WWE, The Dark, Metaphase), Marie Enger (Adventure Time, Fhtagn & Loathing), Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (We(l)come Back, Critical Hit, Running Blood), Ray Nadine (Messenger, Dollhouse), and JB Roe, who has done work for Image Comics, Black Mask Studios, and more.
It's a really cool idea for like-minded freelancers to group together like this, and while it's not the same as being all together in the same city (such as Helioscope), this is a good way to pool resources and be able to share things like marketing without having to go it alone all the time. As of this writing, they aren't actively seeking out new members, but I expect if things go well, they'll grow over time.

Some of the projects these creators have or are working on includes the webtoon "Messenger" with Paul Tobin, anthologies such as "This Nightmare Kills Fascists" "Corpus" and "Where We Live.", Adventure Time, Critical Hit, Welcome Back, and more. They aren't names you might immediately spot, but they are creators you've seen before and enjoyed work from.

The group promises some work as a collective soon, which I'm guessing will be an anthology, and are definitely creators to watch. With their own site now, that will be even easier to do. We look forward to seeing what they come up with in the years to come.