George Perez Covers 2000AD 2100, the Newest Jumping On Point for Sci-Fi Thrills

George Perez's Twitter revealed the full cover for 2000AD 2100, the long-running series' latest jumping-on point. According to our friends at Newsarama, this is the first time the iconic Marvel and DC artist has taken on Mega-City 1's characters in an official capacity. And what a cover it is! Everyone's favorite lawman is poised to take on the Dark Judges. The detailing is really slick, as you'd expect, and I love the way Perez gives each character an expression of emotion. Even Dredd's lower face has a way of setting the scene.

That cover alone is worth it, but this is also an "all-new stories issue." I'm hoping to cover that issue in full, but I did reach out to 2000AD a little bit ago, and they confirmed the following stories will be included (and 'Rama has the same listed, too).
Judge Dredd: The Small House by Rob Williams and Henry Flint (return of Smiley from Trifecta)
Brink: High Society by Abnett and Culbard
Skip Tracer: Legion by Peaty and Colin MacNeil
Fiends of the Eastern Front: 1812 by Ian Edginton and Dave Taylor (Constanta during the Napoleonic Wars)
That's a really cool set of creators, and I can't wait to read it.

2000AD issue 2100 will be available in the UK and in digital on September 26th, and in the US in print on October 17th. Set up by a cover like this one, it's not to be missed.