A Lot of Kot and Moore -- Two Reviews of The New World Upcoming!

We've got a very special Friday lined up for you as James and Kirk take on Ales Kot, Tradd Moore, and Heather Moore's The New World #1, out just a few days ago from Image Comics.

James is up first, and our Clobberin' Contributing Editor will give you an overview of the first issue, linking it to Kot's past work. Then Kirby-fied Kirk FM gives us his first full feature, looking at his experience reading and re-reading the story to pull out its depth!

We don't often cover a comic this heavily, but The New World is really good. Stick around this morning as two of our writers tell you why, just in case you passed on it at your local shop or electronic device!

-Rob "No, I Refuse to Grow the Stan Lee Mustache" M.