New Year, New Banner! Thank you, Ansis Purins

Some of you may have noticed a little change that happened over the weekend. If not, here's your notice!

We're thrilled for everyone to see our new banner, created by talented artist Ansis Purins. We feel like this new banner speaks to what we're trying to be as a site - fun, accessible, and joyful about comics.

Ansis is a Boston-based artist and graphic designer (creator of fun comics like Zombre and Magic Forest) who you might also know as the lead singer of the terrific 90's Ska band Skavovie and the Epitones. Ansis has an Etsy store with all sorts of cool merch, and has a new book coming out soon from Revival House Press.  

Team Panel Patter is very excited to be working with Ansis, and James in particular is thrilled, as he and Ansis have been friends since the 4th grade (James distinctly remembers seeing Killer Clowns from Outer Space at one of Ansis' birthday parties), and this is their first real collaboration since they worked together (with a bunch of other awesome fellow rebel artists) to create Salamander Shack, without question the coolest underground comics zine at Brown Junior High School (at least in the late 1980's).

And we're not done yet, as Ansis and Panel Patter have more to come! Who is? What is? The Coming of the Sequencer? Stay tuned...!