Poor Stinky... (Weekend Pattering for August 11th, 2017)


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Cover of the Next Week

After this week, I don't know what there is to really say about this book.


*** 11 O’Clock Comics Episode 488 (11 O'Clock Comics)-- At 11 O'Clock Comics this week, the guys interview Ed Piskor about his work.  I'm admittedly only about 2/3rds of the way through this interview but it's good.  If nothing else, I'm always amazed by the reverence Piskor and his peers give to the Image guys and even to Wizard Magazine.

*** Lucy Bellwood on the pros and cons of being an independent creator (The Creative Independent)-- With her 100 Demons Kickstarter just recently successfully funded, Lucy Bellwood seems to be everyone lately.

The world is trying to take your creative practice away from you, and you need to defend it. You have to fight back against the voice that says, “This is selfish. This is useless. Why are you spending time on this time? You should be doing dishes. You should be doingwhatever.” I think the same holds true for bigger picture seasons, the creative seasons in your life. That it’s just as important to, perhaps even more important than if you have a day job, to schedule that restorative time off, and to schedule creative work time, and that’s something I’m still working on, but I’m starting to think about it, not just on the day-to-day scale but also in the bigger picture. I think it helps to really zoom out, and think, “What am I doing with each year?”—focusing on the minutia and then also taking a longer view of what you’re doing.

*** Smash Pages Q&A: Bernie Mireault on ‘XVI’ (Smash Pages)-- Alex Dueben interviews Bernie Mireault, creator of the Jam, about his new book XVI.
I love coloring but rarely was allowed to apply it to my own work, which was frustrating. Now that the computer age is here I have a chance to add color to all my old stuff and that’s a dream come true. My color aesthetics are mostly derived from Marie Severin’s work under Harvey Kurtzman at EC Comics in the 1950s. I’m a sucker for the big dot, retro look and am always trying to tap into that. Black and white printing is the most economical and so most of us have no choice but to get used to it if you want to be in print. Most people won’t even look at something printed in black and white, though. It takes a real interest in the material to break the bias against that kind of no-frills presentation.

** An Interview with José Muñoz (The Comics Journal)-- And if that interview isn't enough Alex Dueben for you, over at TCJ he interviews José Muñoz, the artist that at one time or another Keith Giffen has wanted to be.  It's fascinating to see the odd connections between question and answer that may be due to translation issues.
Q: You’ve both worked with others over the years, how do you and Sampayo decide to work together?
A: So we could return to the ecstasy of our work together where, sometimes, everything seemed to come alive, breathe, and think.

** Smash Pages Q&A: Maggie Umber on ‘Sound of Snow Falling’ (Smash Pages)-- And let's wrap up with an Alex Dueben trifecta and his recent interview with Maggie Umber about her new mesmerizing work.
I have no idea how well comics are suited for educating people about nature in the way that I make them. I don’t make my comics to be teaching tools. When I’m working, I concentrate on telling a story and conveying emotion. After reading my nature comics the readers can delve more deeply into the subjects by picking up other books. I hope I can get readers to look more closely and with more emotion at the things around them, like ants on a sidewalk or the tree in front of their house, and wonder about the everyday lives of those beings.

This and That

** Summer 2017 (Kickstarter)-- And in a column of segues, 2dcloud has launched their Summer Kickstarter campaign that everyone needs to jump on now.  I just got their Spring books and I don't know where to start with them.
We’re a young company with love and wildness in our hearts. 
We still have this idealism and we still are not always sure of what we can and cannot do. Certainly that can be a negative, but I think there is something positive and powerful about that as well. Not knowing one’s limitations can be freeing — it can allow us to sometimes do what is thought to be impossible. Just making it this far as a company feels like we are doing impossible things.

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