So whatcha doin' tonight? (Weekend Pattering for July 21st, 2017)

Really?  Any plans?  Anything going on this weekend?  Or tonight specifically?

Me?  I'm probably hitting Valerian with my son.

So with Rob at Comicon, James getting back from assignments overseas, Mark probably reading more Zelda and me actually avoiding doing any real writing, we're going to keep this one short, sweet and to the SDCC point today.

Previously on Panel Patter

Cover of the Next Week

I've read a handful of the Henry & Glenn comics and, while I've passed on some of the other collections of this, I really hope that I remembered to order this new collection from my LCS.  According to the Microcosm website, Rob Halford is even writing an introduction to the book.  

And if reading about the love of Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig wasn't enough, you can also add color to that love with the Henry & Glenn Adult Activity and Coloring Book.

This and That

** Rob's at San Diego Comicon this week. You can follow their adventure on the Panel Patter Twitter feed but here's their first day or two at the con.

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