Ley Lines Subscription Delivers Comics To Your Door

While things might be terrible otherwise, it's good to know that comic publishers like Kevin Czapiewski and L. Nichols are there to provide us with excellent reading material. But if you want to be one of the first to read the 2017 edition of Ley Lines, you're running out of time--the pre-orders are only being taken for a few more days, ending on February 28th.

Ironically, the subscription cost is also $28, which probably has more to do with shipping and production costs, but I'll pretend it's to match the deadline. Each issue is 24 pages, roughly half-sized, if you know your zines, and has great production value.

What is Ley Lines? Here's the co-publisher's description: 

Ley Lines is a quarterly publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of comics and the various fields of art & culture that inspire us. Each issue features a different artist's take on a different subject matter taken from the larger context of art making, past and present.
And here's the lineup for 2017:

  • Tommi Parrish on William Blake/Lydia Lunch (Ley Lines 10 - February 2017)
  • Eric Kostiuk Williams on Kylie Minogue (Ley Lines 11 - May 2017)
  • Shreyas R Krishnan on Abida Parveen (Ley Lines 12 - August 2017)
  • Evan Dahm on the Surrealists (Ley Lines 13 - November 2017
Here are a few sample images:

Evan Dahm

Eric Kostiuk Williams

Shreyas R Krishnan

Tommi Parrish

I really enjoy the work of Evan Dahm. I profiled him before SPX in 2013.  Dahm's fantasy comics are a real joy to read, so seeing him take on the artistic collective who specialized in warping reality should be a blast.

While I am not familiar with the other names on the list, I trust Kevin and L's judgment, as I've known them both for quite awhile now, even if I don't see them much due to moving out to the west coast. 

I've also picked up a few of the other Ley Lines, and they're very high quality. I really dig the idea of a creator looking at other creatives and examining their work through the mirror of their own illustrations. It's a great concept.

You can order a subscription to 2017's Ley Lines (along with others from past years) here. If you're a fan of my features on non-fiction comics, this is a must-purchase as we move from winter to spring. But remember--the deadline is February 28th, so don't delay!