Graphic Nonfiction: Sarah Glidden Explains Sanctuary Cities

So, yeah. 2017 is looking rough. And there's going to be a lot of resistance needed, like the brave people who are out there as I type this, holding the line at airports to stop an illegal, hateful ban.

For what it's worth, we will not be shying away from sharing comics that relate to that resistance and focusing our energy on supporting creators who are a part of the resistance and are sharing information.

Or in other words, if you're looking for an apolitical comics website, this isn't it.

Tonight's graphic nonfiction focuses on the idea of sanctuary cities. Sarah Glidden uses her sketchbook to outline the concept, what it means, and what the Orange One's Executive Order can and cannot do (with the caveat that laws no longer seem to matter to the White House). Sarah does great work in graphic nonfiction, and has been featured on one of my favorite sites, The Nib.

You can--and should--read Sarah's complete look at Sanctuary Cities here.

A sample panel:

I'm proud to live in a Sanctuary city. Some others are working on designating themselves as such, like Eugene, OR. A local action you can take is to see if you already a Sanctuary City. If not--why not go to your City Council and propose that you become one?

You can read more of Sarah's work at her website. She's got a new book about Syria, Iraq, and Turkey, published by Drawn and Quarterly in late 2016. Get a copy and get informed!