Weekend Pattering for October 30th, 2016-- Cover of the Week

This and That

This is a few days late (and probably a few dollars short) but after two big comic events last week, the wind was kind of out of my sails for ruminating on links of the week.  The first was the death of Steve Dillon and the second was the shitstorm that developed around Chelsea Cain and here "feminist agenda" in Mockingbird.  With a bit of distance, I'll probably have something to say about both Dillon and Cain for the next Weekend Pattering.  

With all of that as preamble, we'll have a shortened Weekend Pattering since it's already Tuesday in most of the world.  This week we'll highlight one upcoming cover with a very important message.

Cover of the Next Week

Next Tuesday, November 8th, is election day in the United States and we highly encourage everyone to get out and vote no matter who your choice of candidates may be or no matter how much you don't think your candidate needs your vote.  

Regular linking and commentary should be back this coming weekend.