Rose City Preview: Sally Jane Thompson

[NOTE: Please welcome new writer Alex Green to the Panel Patter team! We'll have more to say on Alex soon, but wanted to get this preview in before the show. -Rob]

The web comic that I looked at is called From, A South African journal sketch book. It had a pleasantly distinct style unique to how most comics present themselves. When Thompson flips between first person and second person dialogue, the details and aesthetic of the comic change to reflect the changes in the dialogue as a means of plot progression.

In some comics, you will see a more cinematic approach where the angles, lighting and perspective change, but the medium and style of the art work from slide to slide remains constant. Thompson's work does not follow this formula. Instead, the medium consists of sketches that vary in detail and style to aid the atmosphere and provide emphasis generated by the script of the story.

The spontaneity of events, art, interpersonal and internal dialogue's with her characters are what help to culminate the story into a diary sketch book. This aesthetic makes the story light and quick paced, allowing twists and humour in the story to be more lively and surprising.

You can find more of her work here.