Graphic Nonfiction: Matt Bors Tears Down Trump's Wall Plan

With the first debate set for tomorrow evening, it seemed like a good time to run my favorite piece that Matt Bors has written since he started The Nib, a pitch-perfect visual takedown of the hateful, bigoted, misguided, and flat out stupid plan to build a wall across the US-Mexico border. Even Trump knows it's never going to happen, but it sounds great to the shit-head racists who plan to vote for him in November.

Matt starts off with a great visual of Trump, looming over the rest of the visual article like a gargoyle, which is of course, appropriate:

That's an actual quote, of course, and SPOILER ALERT! The Orange One is full of shit, as usual. Using a mixture of researched facts, sarcasm, and real interviews, Bors shows just how expensive--and next-to-impossible--the wall would be. There's ecological issues along with the moral ones, too, as this interview shows. Look at the way Bors gets the text in while still giving us a great look at the person behind the words:

And then there's my second-favorite panel, where Bors shows us the very thing he's talking about, in this case, the Hoover Dam:

Note that here, Bors not only gives us the visual--the dam itself--but also uses it to guide the reader's eye through a dense section of text. There's really a lot to read in Bors' article, which originally appeared in the Pacific Standard before he re-pubbed it on The Nib.

But hey! I mentioned my favorite panel--where it is? Well, you'll have to read the whole thing to find it for yourself. Let's just say that it sinks Trump's wall plan once and for all. If only sinking his whole campaign were so easy. We'll just have to hope America does the right thing in November, and knocks him on his ass back to the two-bit tabloid world he came from.