Catch Comics Fire with the First Elements Anthology

One of the things we try very hard to do at Panel Patter is to ensure that people are aware of comics that might not otherwise get coverage elsewhere. Part of that role is always looking for comics by creators of color that are absolutely amazing. Elements: Fire, edited by Taneka Stotts, is a perfect example of this, finishing up a Kickstarter that is striving to keep paying its creators more, having blown apart its initial funding goal in only a few days (showing, by the way, the need and demand for comics by underrepresented groups that aren't corporate controlled). 

I will admit to a little bit of bias on this one, because Taneka is a friend of mine, but as anyone knows who has the award-winning Beyond anthology (featuring queer creators!), Taneka's ability to edit an anthology is second to none. She knows how to keep the variety going across over 200 pages, in terms of story style, content, and artistic vibe. Taneka is also a strong creator in her own right, as the co-creator and scripter for Full Circle, among other projects.

Here's an example of the artistic variety you'll find in Elements: Fire, once it's published (and hopefully in your hands, should you decide to pledge):

Top: Marisa Han, Mildred Louis | Bottom: Melanie Ujimori & Chan Chau, Kou Chen

With fire as the theme, you can see how the creators get to use shades of red to offset the greyscale, a trick I really like in indie comics that opt not to go for full color.

The backer rewards are solid, as usual. $13 gets you the DRM-free PDF, while going up to $25 nets you the softcover edition. For $50, you get the book, the PDF, and postcards, which is a great combination. Going higher, you can receive a sketch or commission.

As I write this, the campaign is wrapping up. It would be awesome to see Taneka and her project go over the $50,000 mark, which would not only unlock a new reward for backers, but also give each creative team $200 more dollars.

Let's make this happen. Go back Elements today!