Graphic Nonfiction: Eleri Mai Harris Monetizes the Week

While it's not quite the same as before, I'm always happy when I get a new e-mail in from The Nib, which still offers comics from a rotating set of creators.

Because I am a fan of all things statistical (I even subscribe to daily digests from 538), this little comic showing some of the interesting money-related numbers from a given week caught my eye. It's from Eleri Mai Harris, someone I admit I'm unfamiliar with.

You can find the original here, which features the stat-and-picture below, along with four others.

This is not the most art-heavy piece I've chosen for graphic nonfiction, but I think it's pretty cool that Harris finds a way to pick just the right image to go along with the statistic. I also like the roughness here. There's no attempt to make the lettering perfect (note the "R" above, for example, or how the "I" is smaller than the other letters).

It reminds me of those little one-page things you'd find in Newsweek or as part of a sidebar in National Geographic. Sometimes words and pictures can be equal partners in a comic, and that's the case here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see if anyone wants the old keyboard I never use. Maybe I can get $3.34?