Weekend Pattering for May 13, 2016-- The Inside Edition

** All the links that are fit to patter about at home:
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** Dean Haspiel's 10 Rules (10 Rules for Drawing Comics)-- I don't know if I've seen anything on this site lately but I love the idea of it.  Its latest entry is Dean Haspiel listing his 10 rules for drawing comics.

Love this one:
6. Image is text, too. Sometimes I draw first what I want to write and then reverse-engineer my story-making process.

This is something for everyone to remember.

** The Most Beautiful Illusion (LA Review of Books)-- Always link to Jodorowsky.  Always.
When a person starts to study logic he decides that life is separate, that time is past, present, and future. We divide: body and soul, spirit and soul, we make these separations. But life is a unity — we have everything at the same time. Open the newspaper, you will see the Pope and you will see a criminal on the other side, and also prostitution and business and boxing. Everything is happening at the same time in the newspaper. That is our mind.

And now after reading this interview, I'm off to find Jodorowsky on Twitter.