Graphic Nonfiction: Joel Christian Gill on Black Republicans

So as of this writing, Ben Carson, the current, if unlikely, GOP frontrunner, is starting to feel the heat of the poverbial* fire. But that's not what's confusing people. What's confusing people is that this guy is a Black Republican. As today's graphic nonfiction author, the excellent chronicler of hidden Black History, Joel Christian Gill, notes, the idea of a black presidential candidate is surprising to many, even though it's happened in 2008, 2012, and now 2016.

Well, there is a historical precedent for African Americans to support the Republican Party, even if that hasn't been true for well over 100 years at this point. Writing a graphic editorial for the Boston Globe, Gill provides a brief history of the idea of Black Republicans.

Here's the opening:

Going back to Lincoln and the shift in the democratic party that begins with FDR, Gill--with his signature wit--briefly shows how the GOP gained, lost, and tries (rather shittily) to revive its standing in the black community. It's great work, as usual. You can read the rest here.

Joel Christian Gill is the author of the only comic called Strange Fruit that you need to read. His website is here.

*Cheap shot explained here.