Graphic Nonfiction: Avi Ofer on the Vincent Van Gogh

My mother is a huge fan of the Impressionists, and of course, spent a lot of time in museums and books showing me how awesome they were. I remember my first time seeing a Monet close-up, a vision I'm unlikely to ever forget.

Today's graphic nonfiction, which I discovered thanks to Zainab Akhtar over at the excellent Comics and Cola site, is a brief look at the life of one of the greatest of the Impressionists, Vincent Van Gogh. Presented in the form of listicle with animated drawings in-between short facts, it's a quick piece but a really striking one, as the creator, Avi Ofer, does a great job capturing the paintings themselves along with their own illustrations.

Here's a sample, which I hope stays animated:

You'll just have to look for yourself here.

Thanks again to Zainab for pointing this out awhile back, and I hope you'll take the time to look. You can learn more about the creator, Avi Ofer, here.