Inktober Shines Week 2

A lot of Panel Patter readers probably already know about the great concept called InkTober, where creators practice their craft with ink drawings and post them for the enjoyment of their followers. It happens on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, for the most part, often cross-posted between them.

It would be impossible to read all the InkTobers that get posted, but that doesn't meant we can't spotlight some of the ones that catch our eye. We're going to try something new this year and post weekly some of our favorites, in no particular order. This week, it's more choices by Rob McMonigal.  Enjoy!

The Shadow by Rob Ullman (Old-Timey Hockey Tales)

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of Cubs fans? Rob Ullman, who is best known for drawing hockey dudes and curvy dames steps into the world of pulps for this great sketch. Find more Rob Ullman at his website.

Q*Bert by Brandon J. Carr (illustrator)
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Not sure exactly when I first started following the artwork of Brandon, but he's a superb illustrator and a sharp wit. You can find more about Brandon J. Carr at his website.

Jersey Devil by Tsulala (Devil's Candy)

Sometimes a person re-tweets something, and you're like, "Holy Shit! That's Amazing!" Well, may I present to you one of those moments for me. This is spectacular, from the color scheme to the intricate lines to the little details, like the falling candy. You can read Tsulala's webcomic she co-creates, Devil's Candy, here.

Pippi Longstocking Does Chores by Shivana Sookdeo (West)

I wasn't planning on repeating people two weeks in a row (or maybe at all, given how many cool Inktober sketches there are), but...just look at this one! You can find more of Shivana Sookdeo (and more great InkTober sketches of Pippi) at her website. She also has a new mini on Gumroad.

Explorers Down by Scott Morse (Soulwind, Magic Pickle)

I remember the first time I encountered Scott Morse's work, in a volume of Soulwind. I was instantly hooked by the combination of a slightly Kirby aesthetic mixed with a look and feel that's entirely his own. Scott hasn't done a comic recently that I'm aware of, but I hope we'll get a new one soon. No matter what, you should totally be following his twitter, as he's not just posting these--he's posting process images, too! 

Sexy Witch by Natalie Hall (tattoo artist and illustrator)

This was another one that found its way into my timeline, and I was extremely impressed. This one is less about specific details for me and more about the way in which Ms. Hall uses extremely thin, long lines to create a figure that's both attractive and terrifying--note that realistic heart she's about to use for some nefarious purpose! Hall's got a shop where you can buy things with her art on them, which you can check out here.

Granny Weatherwax by Katie Shanahan (Flight, Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales)

Last but not least, here's one for Discworld fans, as Granny Weatherwax gets the Inktober treatment by Katie Shanahan. Find more of her art at her website or in one of many cool anthology projects.

That's it for this week. Hope you're enjoying this, it's a lot of work to put together, but it's some really cool art to look at when we're finished!