InkTober Shines Week 1

A lot of Panel Patter readers probably already know about the great concept called InkTober, where creators practice their craft with ink drawings and post them for the enjoyment of their followers. It happens on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, for the most part, often cross-posted between them.

It would be impossible to read all the InkTobers that get posted, but that doesn't meant we can't spotlight some of the ones that catch our eye. We're going to try something new this year and post weekly some of our favorites, in no particular order. This week, it's choices by Rob McMonigal.  Enjoy!

Bandette by Jason Copland (Kill All Monsters)
Jason is part of the creative team for the excellent Kill All Monsters, along with several other projects. He's also one heck of a sketch artist, this time taking on Coover and Tobin's Bandette. You can find Jason at his website.

Hipster Satyr by Spike Trotman (Smut Peddler, Templar, AZ)

In addition to being an amazing anthology editor and all-around cool person (I love when Spike talks about new indie games so I can put them on my radar), Spike is one heck of an artist in her own right. I had a hard time picking one for this week, but this one was just too good to resist. Spike has InkTober on the brain at her Tumblr, and of course, you should also visit her main website, which includes her mighty publishing arm.

A Mantra, With Cuteness by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg (30 Till 30)

Lisa is a person I've been following for years upon years now, and it's great to see how her style has improved and refined over time. When not teaching kids how to art, she's usually involved in some form of autobiographical comic. You can find her at her website here.

Punching Pippi Longstocking by Shivana Sookdeo (West)

I'm not personally familiar with Ms. Sookdeo, but as soon as I saw one of my childhood favorites (sadly, I don't think I'll ever get my hair that long to imitate those amazing ponytails) bouncing around with boxing gloves, I just knew I had to include it. You can find more of Shivana Sookdeo (and more great InkTober sketches of Pippi) at her website. She also has a new mini on Gumroad.

Usagi Yojimbo by Jesse Hamm (Batman '66)

Jesse Hamm does work on various projects for Marvel and DC, and has a slick line style. Here's a great sketch of Stan Sakai's signature character, from a a nice, odd angle. Find out more about Jesse Hamm at his website.

Sleepy Dragon by Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles, Cartozia Tales)

Last but not least this week is a really awesome looking dragon, who is very happy to have a nice, moderate, not greedy pile of gold to sleep on. Lucy's so incredibly talented, and if you like comics that are gorgeous and self-reflecting (along with nautical themes, more often than not), Lucy Bellwood is the creator for you. Learn more at her website.

That's it for this post. Don't forget to keep an eye on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram for lots of great sketches by amazing artists like these guys--and more!