Weekend Pattering-- SPX Spotlight 2015 Edition part 1

** Look at the SPX Spotlights and more that we've been pattering about this week:

** Check out all of our special SPX coverage.

** Our regular linkblogging will return in a week or two but to prep for the Small Press Expo taking place next week, Sept 19th & 20th, we present a look at a number of cartoonists you should check out at SPX if you'll be there.  And if not, click on the links to check out the cartoonists websites.  

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  To find even more info and examples of a lot of the great cartooning that will be on display next week, check out SPX's Tumblr.

** Here are links to some publishers' plans for SPX:
** Here's the list of everyone who is exhibiting at SPX and the map of the exhibition area.  And while you're there, here's some of the programming that you can check out in Bethesda, MD next week.

** Stop by table H12B and pick up a copy of the Rob Kirby edited anthology What's Your Sign Girl?

** House of Women, Part II by Sophie Goldstein is debuting at SPX 2015.

** Tait Howard and Kevin Panetta's Lorel will be available at the show.

** Gale Galligan's Weeb 1: The Ways of Love will be at SPX.

** Hopefully Jorge Santiago Jr. will have The Curse of the Eel #4 printed up before SPX.

** Jordan Jeffries' So Young sounds like it would be a fun book to track down at SPX.

** Check back next week for some more SPX coverage