Graphic Nonfiction: Whit Taylor Digs into the Manson Family

Whit Taylor is quickly becoming a big figure in the world of graphic nonfiction, and I couldn't be happier for her! We've already featured a contribution she made to The Nib, and this time around we're sharing a link to Whit's Tumblr, in which she shares her entry in the true crime anthology, Derring Do.

In this short comic, Whit covers one of the stranger, darker parts of Beach Boys history, in which their drummer gets mixed up with Charlie Manson, one of the most notorious serial killers (and a person who could still theoretically qualify for parole, because California is a very odd state) of the 20th Century.

Anyone who knows a bit about Manson knows his connections to his madness and rock and roll, but just how closely they might have been linked isn't as well publicized. Here's Whit to educate you. A sample from her comic:

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