Graphic Nonfiction: Emi Gennis Gets Mysterious with the Dyatlov Pass Incident

I've written before about Emi's nonfiction comics and how she does a great job taking real-life stories (in this case, Wikipedia's list of unusual deaths) and putting them on the printed page. While this is an older one of hers, from 2012 (and originally published in a Hic and Hoc anthology), it was new to me!

For today's installment of Graphic Nonfiction, have a scary story from 1959, when Communist Russia has to deal with nine dead bodies that appear to have met an untimely end. There's clear storytelling and yet some really nice, creepy vibes in the linework here. Emi ends with notes about the story, if you want to learn more.

Here's a sample from the comic:

You can read the entire comic here.