Weekend Pattering for June 19, 2015--Dollars and Cents

** Panels were pattered about this week.

** Rob Kirby has a preview of the anthology What's Your Sign, Girl?, including a page from his story in that book.  

** It was a great week for interviews with great cartoonists.
** To keep the themed bullet points going, it was also a week to discuss comics and money.
** Lettering Legend Todd Klein writes about a recent visit he had with fellow Lettering Legend John Workman, including this wonderful story about how Workman got his first job at DC Comics.
John also recounted how his being hired by DC Comics in 1975 was due to his mumbling, a funny tale. John and his friend and fellow artist Bob Smith came to New York in 1975 looking to get work in comics. Larry Hama got them in the door at Marvel, and they managed to get an appointment with Gerry Conway, then an editor at DC. They had already met a few folks who worked at DC, and while they were in the reception area waiting, Bob Rozakis, one of those people, came by and asked who they were there to see. John mumbled “Conway,” and Bob replied, “Oh, he’s not busy, I’ll take you in.” As Workman and Smith followed Rozakis down the hall, John realized they were going PAST Conway’s office and a few minutes later, they were being introduced to Carmine Infantino, then the DC publisher, and an artistic hero of both visitors. John’s mumble had been heard as “Carmine...”
** Matt Wagner reminisces about the time that he was asked to finish a Harvey Kurtzman adaptation of a Ray Bradbury comic over at CBR.

Harvey Kurtzman's rough layouts

Matt Wagner's finished comic panels

** The San Diego Comicon announces some new rules and regulations for the modern age, including the prohibition of drones on the premises.  This is what we've come to as a society- we have to tell you when you can and can't use drones.  I never thought I'd live this long.