Get Your Henson on with latest BOOM! Studios Humble Bundle

It's not really news that comics companies are pairing up with Humble Bundle, but when the comics in question are BOOM!'s Jim Henson comics (via their Archaia imprint), I definitely want to call attention to it.

Though they may not have The Muppet Show anymore, Boom! continues to do great work with other Jim Henson properties, such as Fraggle Rock, Storyteller, and one-off projects like A Tale of Sand, all of which can be acquired in the bundle, depending on how much you decide to pay.

At the "your choice" level, readers can grab all of the Boom Fraggle books, including classic reprints, new stories featuring Katie Cook, Chandra Free, and Sophie Campbell, among many others. They'll also receive Dark Crystal: Creation Myths 1 and 2.

If they go to the average price, about $8.50 when this was written, the bundle adds Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow, adapted by the great Roger Langridge, along with the Storyteller comics. Going another $2 above average adds Tales of Sand.

It's a great collection of stories, ranging from giving almost nothing to giving less than the cost of one trade paperback in paper form. Anyone who loves Jim Henson but didn't get these already for whatever reason should hurry and pick up this bundle right away. It expires in just two more days, so if you want it, don't delay.