Weekend Pattering for 5/15/2015 Part 2- Archie Revisited

** Following up on the Weekend Pattering that went up a few hours ago, Archie Comics has cancelled their Kickstarter.  Bleeding Cool has a copy of the email that went out to this campaign's supporters explaining this move:
While the response to these new titles has been amazing, the reaction to an established brand like Archie crowdfunding has not been. Though we saw this as an innovative, progressive and “outside-the-box” way to fund the accelerated schedule we wanted to produce these books, it became another conversation, leading us further away from the purpose of this whole campaign: to get these amazing books in the hands of fans faster than we could on our own. While we fully expected our goal to be funded, it was no longer about the books and how amazing they will be. We don’t want that. This is why we’re shutting this Kickstarter down today.
This is a pretty smart move for the publisher as a lot of people have been questioning this campaign since it launched earlier this week.  Of course, the cynic in me wants to think that having only raised less than 10% of their goal by this point also had something to do with this decision.  If they were already looking close to having been fully funded after only a week, would they have cancelled?

The books will be published but not as quickly as they would have been with the Kickstarter funding.  So you can still look forward to Jughead by yours and mine favorite comic artist TBA.