Please Welcome Mark Dickson to Panel Patter!

I'm very pleased to announce we have a new addition to the Panel Patter team, making his debut today: Please welcome Mark Dickson!

Part of being a good reviewer is looking to see what others are saying about the same comics you're reading. Whenever I discover someone whose insight into a comic brings an idea that I might not have thought of, they immediately become a person I want to talk to about joining our merry band. I really liked how Mark showed he could talk about a comic's strengths and weaknesses, and happily, he was interested in coming on board.

Here's what Mark has to say about himself:
Mark Dickson started reading comics three years ago but, after taking the dive into X-Men continuity, was lost and presumed dead. After resurfacing a year later, he started to branch out into more independent comics and is constantly on the look-out for more. However, if you're ever looking for a detailed explanation of the Scott Summers family tree then look no further. You've found your only-slightly-too-obsessed expert.
Outside of comics, Mark is just about to complete a degree in computer science and is soon going to be joining the terrifying adult world of paying taxes.
His blog can be found at
Mark's first review, on the second trade of Rat Queens, will be up on the site shortly. He's off to a great start, as you will soon see. Please give him a warm welcome!