Focusing on Free Comic Book Day

This past Saturday, May 2nd, was Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), and thousands of people came to their local stores to pick up free comics, most of which are samplers and teasers for existing or upcoming series. They also came to creator signings, parties, doorbuster deals, and all sorts of things that make having an event day for comics so special.

While we don't have any coverage of a particular event, today we'll be posting reviews throughout the day of comics that came out on Free Comic Book day, including an all-FCBD edition of Quick Hits.

We hope you had a great time at your own Free Comic Book Day, and we hope you enjoy our looks at the books that were produced by many publishers and paid for by the comic stores who gave them out (yes, these books cost the store money--they are not free for them to hand out). If this is your first time checking out Panel Patter because you found a review of one of these books, or are new to comics in general, welcome! We're happy to have you, and we hope you stick around!

Once all the posts are up, this will serve as a master index for them below:

Scott C on Dark Horse's Fight Club/Goon/Strain comic.
AJ on Fantagraphics's Hip Hop Family Tree 3 in 1.
James on Marvel's All New, All Different Avengers/Uncanny Inhumans.
James, Doug, and Rob M on Marvel's Secret Wars 0.
Bree, Doug, James, and Rob M on books from Action Lab, Bongo, Boom!, ComixTribe, DC, and Top Cow.